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Dark Wolf Solutions operates at the nexus of mission and technology to meet our Nation’s most challenging missions.

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We combine the most innovative emerging technologies with deep federal domain expertise through cutting-edge intelligence services, DevSecOps agile software development, information operations, penetration testing and incident response, applied research and rapid prototyping, machine learning, and engineering services.

We support a diverse portfolio of solutions and services for Defense, Intelligence, and Fortune 500 customers. Our team comprises analysts, support officers, and experienced engineers and integrators with hands-on expertise across many of the most relevant COTS, GOTS, and open source technologies. We also regularly compete in premier competitions, with an increasing number of black badges such as wins at DEFCON (2022 and 2017) and BSides DC (2016 and 2018).

We are committed to providing the highest quality services and solutions and meeting our customers’ expectations. Dark Wolf strives to deliver creative technology solutions through collaboration, integrity, and pride to our customers. We view each customer engagement as a partnership, which seeks their input at every stage to ensure customers’ requirements are met or exceeded. As a learning organization, we regularly seek customer feedback on where we succeeded, and what could be improved, in order to continuously raise the quality of services and products we deliver to our customers. Additionally, for information about our information security policies or business management consulting services, please contact us at


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Rick T. - Chief Executive Officer

Rick T.

Chief Executive Officer

Oliver S.

Chief Growth Officer

Steve B.

Chief Operating Officer

Our strength as a pack comes from the inclusion of unique and diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds.

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