Continuous & Fast Track ATO

Dark Wolf are pioneers of Fast Track and Continuous ATO, helping the Department of Defense to write and implement these authorization concepts in their earliest phases. Regardless of the complexity, our experienced teams of engineers, advisors, and assessors can help you reduce accreditation timelines and better align security to modern software development frameworks.

Malware & Network Intrusion Analysis

Dark Wolf's forensic specialists can help your organization mitigate and prevent cyber intrusions, whether a small-scale network or an enterprise deployment. Our personnel have a wide background in analyzing network traffic, logs and malicious files to determine the source of an intrusion and stop an ongoing attack in its tracks.

Penetration Testing

Dark Wolf's team of penetration testers and red teamers specialize in hacking software and hardware to make them more secure. Our team is experienced in emulating sophisticated adversaries against all types of networks, software, hardware and everything in between.

Security Assessment

If your organization is growing and wants to better understand its security posture, Dark Wolf can help you with a wide variety ofsecurity assessment services. With a diverse practice of cybersecurity professionals trained in multiple disciplines, Dark Wolf help organizations of all sizes understand their risks and prioritize solutions to reduce their target attack surface.

Vulnerability Research

Dark Wolf has unique experience developing custom hardware and software exploits for both commercial and federal clients. Additionally, we have experience developing zero-day exploits that we can test in our custom-developed vulnerability research test range.

RMF Compliance

Dark Wolf has extensive experience providing multiple large software factories with strategic guidance and support to build authorization packages according to Security Control Assessor and Authorizing Official specifications. From small teams to Fortune 500 firms, we've helped a wide range of clients align their solutions with NIST's Risk Management Framework.

Physical Security

Our world-class physical security experts execute a wide range of assessments to identify the physical security risks of an organization's cybersecurity program. Using an array of covert, overt and targeted techniques, Dark Wolf will help you determine, measure and address the risk of physical intrusion impacting your organization.

Full Stack

Dark Wolf's subject matter experts are comfortable working across many different programming languages and frameworks to solve complex problems. We match each problem with the right technologies and processes to provide elegant, lean, cutting-edge solutions. We provide full stack development services to leading US Air Force Software Factories including Kessel Run, Platform One, and BESPIN.

CI/CD Pipeline

You can count on us to develop and maintain managed CI/CD pipelines using leading pipeline automation tools including GitlabCI, Jenkins, and CircleCI. We implement test, security, and quality pipeline control gates to meet any compliance enforcement need. Our engineers are experienced in leveraging leading undustry software products, including Anchore, Checkmarx, Fortify, SonarQube, Sonatype Nexus, and Snyk.

Platform Engineering

Dark Wolf has in-depth cloud expertise and supports a variety of Federal customers providing cloud platform architecture and engineering services. We offer robust cloud-native solutions including OCI-compliant containerized microservice architectures, and Kubernetes container orchestrations platforms. We engineer our solutions using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and Configuration-as-Code (CaC) best practices to maximize automation and repeatability of our environments.


Dark Wolf has a wide breadth of experience helping organizations refactor legacy software and capabilities into modern, microservice enabled applications. Leveraging our experience in web development, cloud services and containerized architecture, we can help break your capabilities down to smaller, more secure, and better managed individual components.

Web Development

Dark Wolf specializes in greenfield web application development using Agile and DevOps practices. We leverage lean product management methodologies including Scrum, Paired Programming, Test Driven Development, and User Centered Design. We use Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to automate the testing, security scanning, and quality analysis of our delivered software. We deploy our applications to traditional cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments, and/or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environments such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes cloud native platforms.

AI and Machine Learning

Dark Wolf's approach to Machine Learning Ops is supported by our expertise in DevSecOps. We design our solutions on top of Kubernetes security best practices, ensuring that your AI/ML pipeline is secure every step of the way. Our engineers draw from experience in computer vision and natural language processing to build custom pipeline steps that lead to faster model iterations and better models.


Dark Wolf has been helping clients architect, deploy and secure software development pipelines since its inception. With our talented teams of developers, DevOps engineers and cybersecurity experts, we can help ensure that security is baked into every commit you push.

Management Consulting

Dark Wolf assesses current Project Management Office (PMO)/enterprise capabilities and corresponding control framework(s), define project goals and objectives, determine delivery and governance models, and facilitate planning, budgeting, change control, stakeholder management, and training to provide end-to-end waterfall or agile project management.

IT Infrastructure and Operations

Dark Wolf assists in the setup, design, configuration, deployment, maintenance, and help desk functions of the IT infrastructure and data that support business services.

Intelligence Operations

Dark Wolf supports the review and evaluation of operational business and intelligence processes, activities, and data for the purpose of making tactical, strategic business and mission-focused decisions.


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